This is a special edition issue of TAO magazine, and this assignment aims to introduce convenience store. As the result of my research, Hong Kong movies are one of the media which always use convenience store for their scenes to convey and show citizen how to live in the city, also these scenes provided different details of our life. Therefore, my idea uses a different point of view from movie scenes to recall the memory with the convenience store. The style uses a relax and friendly comic and illustration.
The cover design is a tribute to Edward hopper's Nighthawks. In the Nighthawks, peoples are tired and lonely, and they have a dinner in a brilliant cheap restaurant, and there is no people at the silent street. Those elements are very similar to Hong Kong’s convenience stores which is cheap and bright with a high contrast with the dark street. Also, Hong Kong is crowded but a lonely place. Therefore, I use a simple illustration style to tribute to Edward hopper’s Nighthawks.
Special thanks: Fish, Joyce, Nick, Nicole & Scott