My objective is to design a bilingual book with a selective topic (The Penguin Guide to Punctuation) for the graphic designer. As the target audience is a graphic designer, my idea is using post-it (memo pad) as the format of the book, this is because post-it is the tool which designers always use for brainstorming to create a mind map and stick on the wall. Hence, I want to design a small book which can peel off the page and stick everywhere. In addition, there is another question comes out: when all the pages peeled off, is it still a book? And I try to figure out this question and try to think out of the book.

I choose the chapter of the full stop because the shape of full stop is square which similar with a post-it. however, the pages of this chapter another chapter not thick enough to make it like a book, therefore, I added another content from another chapter which talked about the full stop.